Since 1995, Julie Koidin has been researching Brazilian choro music. Below you can find her various publications, including those about choro. Her two books – Choro Conversations: Pursuing Life, Love and Brazil’s Musical Identity (2013) and Os Sorrisos do Choro: Uma Jornada Musical Através Caminhos Cruzados (2011) are her first books based on her 2002 Fulbright Research Grant in Brazil. Choro Conversations is the recent English translation of Os Sorrisos do Choro – both published by Global Choro Music.Both books contain 52 interviews with important musicians, composers, and journalists in choro such as Hermeto Pascoal, Altamiro Carrilho, Sivuca, Joel Nascimento, Proveta, Guinga and Ary Vasconcelos. More information including purchasing information can be found on  Os Sorrisos do Choro is available for purchase at Atlantico Books and via the publisher, Global Choro Music. Please click on this link for a worldwide distribution list.
“Benedicto Lacerda and the ‘Golden Age’ of Choro Flute Playing” (Northwestern University, 2006) is Koidin’s doctoral thesis on flutist Benedicto Lacerda and choro in the first half of the 20th century. Copies of the thesis are available for purchase at
Os Sorrisos do Choro (Português)

The following article features Julie Koidin’s research in choro:

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